Rod is considered the ultimate MLM "marketing" and consulting inside information source.  He studies  hundreds of comp plans, products and recruiting systems a year.  With 40 years of MLM experience Rod has a wealth of knowledge and experience no one else in the MLM Industry has!.


In 1985 Rod started publishing the "Golden Opportunity" Magazine about MLM.  Then for years Rod Cook served the Network Marketing industry as the well known co-owner, editor and the investigative arm for The MLM Insider magazine. ABC television's 20/20,  featured the MLM Insider, so has Success, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and many others for being the MLM Industry "Watchdog"... tracking down illegal and immoral companies. Rod is reputed for blunt, truthful information tinged with humor!

Example: Recently Rod worked with CBS's "48 Hours" to feature an expose' on "Global Prosperity" a criminal scam! He is proud to announce that after chasing them for years... The "48 Hours" show moved government agencies off their "behinds" and the IRS arrested 27 "alleged" criminals!!

In the past Rod served on the board to pick "The Best Annual" companies for the MLM Insider Magazine.  He  put together the lists of companies and sorted through thousands of compensation plans, products, distributor kits, products and services to find the "Best"companies each year.  How many people have had a mountains of product and distributor kits in their offices.  How many consultants have over 6000 compensation plans on file.   How many know which ones of those pay plans died and were worthless?

In 2003 Rod Helped found the MLM Distributor Rights Association to protect distributors from termination, pay cuts and bad company owners.  He is Chairman of the MLM Distributor Rights Association which is made up of  top leaders from the MLM - Network Marketing Industry.

Attorneys General, the FBI, Federal Marshalls and other regulatory agencies have used Rod for an MLM reference source when seeking truthfull analysis and information.  Rod likes regulation at the local level and early intervention.

Rod's articles have been published in over 30 different publications.  He has three books published:
1.  MLM Law and history
2.  How to Start Your MLM Company (Right)
3.  MLM Pay Plans --- 2007 edition out

Rod has the largest MLM research library in the world and is working to endow it to a University!
Check the library see the picture of the books

Rod is humorously called the "MLM Godfather" because of his huge databases. He has taught advanced marketing techniques in Tom Schrieter's (Big Al) "Power Marketing Workshop", "MLM Mastermind Events, and Rod's own Internet "Power Online Workshop" has been the classic honest, Internet MLM marketing school for the industry. His World Wide public speaking events are legendary hits, as well as his training and lecture series "Truth and Lies of NetWork Marketing."

Military skills are handy for tracking down scams and pyramid schemes>

Rod retired as a legendary seven-digit "hitter" in NetWork Marketing. He successfully did MLM part time while in the Army --- it fit his odd hours! During several successful distributorships, Rod  took time off from the Army and fixed parent MLM companies failing infra-structures.  During a million dollar a year run (his commissions - not sales volume) Rod exploded one company. While it went retail, one of his downline (and a friend) committed suicide. Rod laid down his sword and picked up the pen, determined to prevent it from happening to others.  Rod says, it's only his good sense of humor, that keeps him from being a fanatic!

Third Party Validation

A Review of MLM Watchdog Rod Cook- By Brian Garvin and Jeff W:


In 1991 the "crash rate" of new MLM companies was rose dramatically. Rod focused on helping NetWork Marketing companies start with a sound base. Rod is dedicated to preventing owners and distributors from being ruined! With his computer programming background, he is in the top TWO of NetWork Marketing compensation plan designers in the world.   He still occasionally acts as consultant to Direct Sales, Internet Affiliate, Internet Multi-Affiliate,  MLM and Franchise companies.  See for MLM consulting.  He operates in the U.S., Europe, Russia, China, South Asia and considers the world his strategic playing field for the gospel of individual entreprenuership !  No matter what he does - the individual opportunity comes first!

Rod formed a company America's MLM Consultants to provide services to the industry The president is Rod Cook, Major USA retired, with numerous military awards. Rod has been named to Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, plus others. Rod is chairman of the Consultants Credentialing Committee of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) involved in stopping MLM consulting fraud. Rod is also Co-chair of the model MLM Legislative Committee. He is a member of the American Management Association (AMA), The Consultants Association for Natural Products, The Herb Research Foundation, The NNFA, Associate Member of the National Association of Attorney Generals, and the National Bureau of Certified Consultants, and others.

Education (NOT neccessary to pull down 7 digit checks):
B.Sc., Business Administration/Computer Science,
University of Nebraska, Kearney*
B.S., Psychology, University of Nebraska, Kearney*
M.A., Human Relations, Webster University, St. Louis, MO
M.H.A. (M.B.A. equiv.), Baylor University, TX
*Summa Cum Laude

He has held First Class FCC licenses and worked on satellite, radio and long-line systems. His hobby are Artificial Intelligence programs.  His programming skills include Cobol, Ada, and Sybase.  He does HTML but that is a hobby!  Check with the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and Dun & Bradstreet for his community/Financial background.  Rod Cook lives in San Antonio Texas.

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Rod is Chairman Emeritus and Founder of the Distributor Rights Association/Association of Network Marketing Professionals:

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Rod is Chairman Emeritus and Founder of the Distributor Rights Association:

The MLM WatchDog is written by Rod Cook (with help from 600+ reporters) and was first published inside the "Golden Opportunity" in 1985.  Later it was published for years inside the Printed issues of the MLM Insider Magazine when Rod Cook was Publisher/Editor.  It covers the good MLM, Party Plan and Network Marketing Companies. It is editorial comment on the Industry for the sake of  education and training and is protected under First Amendment Rights.  MLM WatchDog editorials have been continued in Ezine and Website link format due to popular demand!

7 Digit Hitter Turned MLM WatchDog!
Rod is the "MLMWatchDog" that wants to stop MLM Scams, pyramid schemes, bad companies and distributor terminations!   WHY?  He also maintains that companies should disclose shortcomings and inside deals.  Because he believes that this is the ONLY  industry in the world that gives a chance for the "little guy"  to make a living or by choice to make it BIG!  Not by education, not by family money, not by IQ  --- BUT SHEER DETERMINATION!   Rod "CUTS NO EDITORIAL SLACK" to preserve the Good of MLM for all the hard working, entreprenurial,  striving people world wide!  His 40 years of experience in the MLM Industry gives him insights no one else has!

Rod Doesn't Belong To MLM Companies!
As the MLM Watchdog(tm) Rod and his staff of 600 field reporters handle a 1000  consulting questions or complaints a month about MLM. Rod jokingly says:

"For 40 years I have lived in the middle of the MLM Information Highway and gotten run over by MLM trucks DAILY!  Experience comes from pain.. pain causes wisdom...  I have a lot of MLM - Network Marketing wisdom."
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