1.  An Aussie 2UP takes the first two out of a Newbies warm market and that is 2.3- 2.6 people leaving no            market!

2. An Aussie 2 UP is for strong closers for a $1200+ Pop.  Almost no beginners can sell a package at this            rate.  The newbie loses their $$$

3.  Most Aussie 2 UP s have a $5-6000 seminar behind somewhere around $1200 - $1500 on the front end.

4.  Aussie 2 Up Seminars are not Tony Robbins quality.  In fact they set people up for an offshore seminar at     $12- 15,000 for secrets can't be told in U.S. so they are offshore so they can lie to newbies with freedom!

5.  Material for most of the Aussie 2 Up's is $1250 + -  is in public libraries for free or better stuff can be               ordered from Amazon.  Coastal Vacations have about $36 worth of common travel certs in the package.

6.  NOW comes the reason Aussie 2 Up's  get shut down eventually.  People want their money back.  The            sales person got $1000 the company got  $250.  They sales person won't give up the money.  They                  company can't so they say go back to the sales person.  Ha!  Fat chance for that money back!

7. As the number of people who want money back from the Aussie 2 Up increases,  so do the number of            complaints to Attorney Generals they finally whack the company and that is the end of it.  Some 2 Ups the       Feds get in on and right now the Global Prosperity 2-up  leader is in Panama hiding out.

8. Unfortunately the Law doesn't move fast enough.  The good part is most of them say 2 ups are not MLM         (although legally they are) so the MLM Industry does not take a lot of heat!



To: Rod Cook
Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 2:53 PM
Subject: Re: idea for mlm business but don't know what to do with it

Hello Rod,

I did do a search on Five Star Auto. Thanks for steering me clear of that the car leasing business. I don't want anything like that to happen to me. 

Let me ask a different question. Why is the Aussie 2 up so bad?  Wouldn't pretty much every thing be the same if the average person only gets two people to sign up? What is the difference with the Aussie 2-up


Mark Wilksey
A Loyal WatchDog subscriber


Thanks for the question,

The goal of a good MLM compensation plan is that the new learning person get paid a fair amount or at least some on the first two sales. Good Companies have a battle cry "Get A Check In Their Hands." The neophytes appetite is whetted to work on helping those two sign up two. When commissions are STOLEN on the first two fruits of the newbie's hard work they get upset!  They get wise enough to see that other companies are not thieves. They see WHO THE CROOKS ARE! That generates complaints to Attorney Generals and DA's who look at the scumbag company for any error. That is why if you watch over a period of a year Aussie 2-ups are short lived! Rarely does one make it past a couple of years.

An Aussie 2 up is also the worst violation of the MLM "warm market" referral and trust system that helps our wonderful industry bring in new blood.  If the first two persons that are helped in a business are stolen it also reflects on all persons involved.

Most companies that start with an Aussie 2 up (where the first two sales go upline) are broke, pitiful and money grubbing scumbags. Why? All the money they collect from the first people that sign up goes to the company. No commissions paid.  The first two distributors the first level people in the company signup rolls up to the company and bingo - ALL that money goes directly to the company too! Wow! What great company financing! But Wait! The money from the people that those two people sign up GOES TO THE COMPANY TOO!  And on and on!  Slick, devious and slimy!  That is why slimy startups use it!

It goes on and on - a self generating cash cow for the company. While is doing that it is destroying the motivation of new Neophytes that join our good Industry with their hopes and dreams. I have a rule with 2-ups (the Aussies say this criminal plan never came from Australia). Kill them!

Rod Cook

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