Gentle Watchdog notes in red!

EDITORS NOTE:  This technique started as a marketing technique of getting qualified leads using a 2 step process. It is now a Spam Scam.  Here is the outline:

1. Get them to join for free  that familiarizes people with the program (now a qualified lead)
2. Push them to get them to commit money (auto-ship preferably) and collect off of the person.

It is also known as a "Throw Mud On The Wall Technique." The most known marketer to use this technique is Gerry Carson.  He was first successful with it when he built a downline in Watkins by mail.   He carried it forward with Six Figure Income on the Internet.  Concorde Group that grew out of Six Figure Income refined the technique and is generating complaints to the WatchDog.  It is a cold cruel method because it is a numbers game and not a lasting team building concept.  The failure rate is extremely high and the return to most people is nil to nothing.  The "Window Shade Effect" caused by this "Mud Slinging" should be a law (see bottom of article)!  It gives the MLM industry a bad name!  We need to stomp it out!

Your Question:  Why do you call it a scam now?
Rod's Answer: Because of the numbers of people that do it expecting a return on their money.  They don't get it.  It is hurting the reputation of the MLM Industry with the massive amount of spam going out.  It is a bait and switch scummy deal with no depth and has to be stomped out.

Here is the full depth of deceit and my comments in Red ---- Rod
Make sure you read all the way to the bottom...special investigation!

Dear Fellow Marketer,  (Suckker Fish)

I happened across your site on the web, and I thought you may be interested in this. (translation = either I am a stupid neophyte or a con artist using spam lists.... your website my foot)

I received an email from a fellow named Tim M. telling me about a program with a new system of stacking free members in a group, and I would have a chance to upgrade ahead of the others. When one of those people upgraded, they would be in my residually paying downline!  (con artists always play to greed and
the suckkers desire to get an "inside" advantage  -- thereby turning the Suckker to a con artist too.

I have had several negative experiences with network marketing in the past and had pretty much given up on them. I was intrigued by this new concept for getting people off to a quick start, and he said it was free to join with no obligation, so I signed up.  (truth?  you are to lazy to build a downline and decided to be a con artist)

Just as he had said, it was totally free to sign up and so I started to check out the opportunity, "kick the tires" a little, you might say. I checked it out and I must tell you that I was impressed!  (The money hook
will come later when we tell you that you have a "jillion" people under you and that you have to sign up -- on autoship--- and pay in to collect the overwhelming cascade of money that you are
already placed in the way of)

One of the hardest things about network marketing is getting that initial downline started so you can start to leverage their efforts. I found that this system of being able to "jump ahead" of a group of other free members by being the first to upgrade, was a great opportunity to get a fast start in my new home based business!
( Best Con!  The unfair advantage and the hook to get your $$$$... it works every time)

I learned quickly that the help didn't stop there! This system is designed so that when I showed that I really wanted to build a solid residual income, I was helped more than ever! As I said earlier, I have been in programs before and for the first time I found one that works. A chance to make REAL MONEY on the "net"!
(yeah we gotta get our disclaimer in there to try to get you to stay signed up and pumping your bucks into the autoship.....  yeah  we will help you - seperate from your money!

Remember Tim? He has achieved a $1500 residual check in four months time, and by following his examples I will be following him in his success!  Fat chance Tim is real!

So check it out for yourself! It really is totally free."kick the tires" a little for yourself, and see what we are all so excited about!  Kick the tires while we take your wallet!

To sign up for your FREE MEMBERSHIP  Suckker please closely follow the simple instructions below.

1.Do not click reply. Reply to me in a separate email at this with the following REQUIRED information.


3.In the MESSAGE body type in your FIRST and LAST name, and another email address if you prefer not to use this one.

That's it! We will send you an ID# and a list of other free members in your group.people who could be in your downline when you upgrade your membership ahead of them.Do it today!  Our computer system is automatically lining up you Suckker fish!

Prosperously Yours,   ( the lies just never end do they??)

Jacquie Walker

You are receiving this message for one of the following reasons (lies! - Not reasons idiot!):

1) we are on the same opt-in-list;  lie
2) you posted to one of my FFA pages;  lie
3) you have responded to one of my ads;  lie
4) you have sent an e-mail to one of my addresses lie
5) you visited one of my sites lie
By doing so you have agreed to receive this message. lie

This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail bill: SECTION 301.Big Lie - no such mechanism Per Section 301, paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618. This message is NOT Spam as long as you are provided with a way to remove your name from this mailing list. All further transmissions to you from me may be stopped at no cost to you by sending a Reply to this letter with the word "remove" in the Subject line. Didn't work scam spam mam!

Suckkers fall for this Free Lunch Scam right and left.  It is a famous ploy that never works.  It is a trick that distributors and company's like Concord (see alert) uses to hustle up warm bodies.  The next step in the hit is "Just Sign up on Autoship" or to buy a product!   Duh, the people on the bottom don't make any money, so the people on the bottom don't they quit, the next level quits and ..THE WINDOW SHADE EFFECT TAKES OVER! The whole downline rolls up bbbrrrrtttttt like an old floppy window shade.  Then a good company like Life Force is sitting there with $200,000 worth of credit card charge backs and returned merchandise.

Rod just a note of thanks for being out here. You shot straight from the hip about SFI, sharing with me that it was dead.  I am now concerned Rod if it is a MLM Scam!

I went to Dun & Bradsteets', and accessed a company profile on SFI for free. I printed it. This printout Rod reports the company's annual sales at $200,000 - $400,000.

How Rod can their website talk about the millions upon millions of dollars that they are paying distributors WORLD WIDE if sales are only $200-400,000?  . Rod if  the printout that I have is true then how can this company get away with this? How can it's website carry the BBB logo?

Its a jungle out here Rod trying to find a sizzling opportunity. Rod, I have tons of commission printouts that I have earned from the company upon my completing the initial registration process with SFI. It Totals to well over 300. bucks. That's when I emailed you. Theres no price on the value of the MLM WatchDog website and I'm not even in the ranks of those you so diligently serve. Have a wonderful Weekend Rod.



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