Secretary of State William F. Galvin NAILED Wings Network and three Central Massachusetts individuals with fraud in a  marketing scheme that targets Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities.  This is called a REBOUND SCAM. Wings was a REBOUND SCAM modeled after TelexFree which was a bigger scam. Wings, which is now under international scrutiny!

The civil fraud charge comes a day after the company ceased US operations, and as Galvin and federal authorities pursue a different company, TelexFree Inc. of Marlborough, for allegedly running a similar type of operation, only much larger. Within five months, Wings Network Scammed more than $12.5 million from 8,914 Massachusetts investors selling Internet cloud storage (like other scammers we know)

Secretary of State William F. Galvin recognizes legitimate MLM’s and has come up with a great SIMPLE help list for or the public to Stop Scammers.  Here it is on his website!

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