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This page was last updated on: February 25, 2014

Infinity 2 Global is a "white label" gaming site owned by
Infinity 2 Global HK Limited 

I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify a few things for you. First, we do not and have not, ever solicited nor collected a single penny of money from anyone in the United States for gambling. We do not process any gambling receipts in any country. That would be illegal. We do have a strategic partnership with a Casino company in Malta that hold a Level 1 on 4 License from the Malta Lotteries and Gaming authority. We simply serve as a Master Affiliate to that Casino. Our foreign distributors who live in markets where online gaming is allowed can go there and play.

Special note: Second, we always do our best to do the right thing. We have started 2 other MLM companies over the last 17 years. Both of those companies were sold in 2010 and 2011. Both of those companies are still in business today. We are very proud of that fact. We have also never had a single regulatory complaint in all of those 17 years. The reason is that we always do the right thing. When people are unhappy we simply figure out how to make them happy. We can't grow a company with unhappy people.

We are however, aware of certain distributors who are trying to promote the company in the wrong way. These people are more focused on the gambling aspect outside the USA versus our incredible Social Media Platform that we sell inside the USA. We are constantly making progress on getting those distributors back into compliance. We will be having an event this weekend to address this very issue. Once they leave that event, everyone will have a complete understanding of what CAN and CAN NOT be promoted. In 17 years I have never terminated a distributor. I am hopeful we will not have to here either, however if someone gets out of compliance and refuses to come back in, will will have no choice but to terminate their distributorship. The long term viability of the company will always be greater than
one rouge person saying the wrong things!

I appreciate the opportunity to clear up the mis-information you were given. We don't want to have the appearance that we are doing something illegal when we are not. We have a wonderful company doing business worldwide. It is my goal for people to get the right information so that when they talk about I2G, they say good things. We are helping people change their lives today and want to continue to do so for many years to come. Thanks: Rick Maike President/CEO

Product Catalog In WATCHDOG Hands!
June 2009 -  Old GoldQuest killed off -  Evil empire dead?  Replaced by QuestNet Ltd.  I was sent a catalog and their product lines are expanding to compete with Amway?  Nutritionals, skin care, clothing, costume jewlery, cell phones, energy products, mind music, and others.  Joesph Bismark, Executive Chairman of QuestNet says there is no #1 lead product and the biggest Companies in MLM have large lines of products.  Good theory!

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