5/23/2016 Editors Note:  At last a solid Discount Club.  Since I wrote about Wake UP  Now Discount deal below (and several others) biting the dust.  Discount – Associates gives about 100 times the discount choices that any previous Discount Deal I’ve seen for their money.   The owner of gave me the challenge to hammer away on all the bargains. 

I the Watchdog Detective, started digging like crazy and did not come up for air for over 7 hours combined, the website kept coming up with more wonder deaIs!  had to restrain myself to keep from  buying 2 more laptops that tempted me strongly.  In fact I will probably go back for one of them!

I would say the best way to shut up your mouthy mother in law is to give her a subscription to Discount- Associates!  On top of  1000'S of products, travel, food, on and on more!! NEVER SEEN BEFORE  ! They also have a massive monster library of E-books  members can download  that your mother in law could use like how to be charming, how to increase your IQ, how to make money, how to make friends and scare enemies, 

Feb/13/ 2013 Utah Wake Up Now discount club bites the “dud dust”.  Leaving lots of people in the dirt for $ They had company!  Other discounter are going down as fast as they  pop up. TIP I would personally stay away. Any company the presents itself -  that they have some "secret" that other companies don't and the only way to get to know what this "secret" is from others telling you it is BIG red flag in my book. The intro video screams scam to me and that is enough for me to tell Subscribers to  to stay far away from it – or just plain run!

October/5/2012  - Complaints rolling in about TVI Discount Club how they shut doors without paying MLM Distributors

5/23/2016 Editors Note:  At last a solid Discount Club